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Exquisite Heels on Comfortable Shoes.

Imagine you are in the attic or bedroom of an older distant relative who was a strong, decisive, unconventional woman, who loved pleasure and pleasing herself wearing lavish shoes and accessories, which never went unnoticed. An old trunk grabs your attention. You open it. Inside you find a world of elegant shoes and sandals, very feminine. You lose your mind and you fall in love with them all. You want to wear them, to match them – no, better yet – you want to play with them without worrying about patterns or colors. They must be yours. You know it immediately: those luxurious shoes seem like they were made just for you. Lenora's online shop is like that old trunk. Online you will find a world of comfortable heels, original and versatile, waiting to be discovered. The shop offers timeless accessories you can wear from morning to night, to work or for me-time, on vacation or in the city, to communicate the drive, character, and elegance of your approach to life, authentic and unconventional. Lenora’s elegant luxurious shoes are fashionable; they assume vintage colors and handcrafted details to make you fall in love with them. You can wear them when and where you want, outside of anyone’s scheme, enjoying interpreting them in a world of different ways. Discover our comfortable heeled shoes: let us persuade you and buy your own pair of Lenora shoes.

Elegant, Comfortable Shoes,
Simply Irresistible.

The collections by Lenora include sandals; accessible, versatile, luxury footwear; and elegant, comfortable shoes that you just cannot do without. The many varied creations, which change with the seasons, approach fashionable trends, while they stand out with their original elegant design. There are common elements for all comfortable high-heels which lie in their details: a wide sole that comfortably holds the foot; a closed, rounded or more pointed narrow toe; and the distinct construction that comes from the “tango shoe” with its perfect heel, which is in line with the axis of your spine. Plus there are the materials, patterns, and colors. These fabric shoes are based on a specific idea, and are developed with fabrics and other raw materials that are not necessarily designed to be used for a pair of luxury shoes. This results in the bright colors (never ordinary), patterns that remind you of old vintage wallpaper (so unique and original), and even colorful prints that turn you head. The final result is an elegant, comfortable shoe that is irresistibly dynamic – never static and boring - that can be worn all day long. These shoes are fun accessories, unique, to be interpreted in so many different ways, letting you create remarkable outfits that are never humdrum.

Fall in Love with Our Luxurious
Handcrafted Shoes Made in Italy.

Lenora offers you a wide range of comfortable elegant shoes to choose from, with an irresistibly vintage air and fashion details. All our footwear, from concept to materials and through production, is completely handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy. Fine quality products, synonymous with value and elegance without ever being too serious, that can be combined with your personal look and that are truly perfect for any occasion. Are you looking for a pair of luxurious shoes for a special event? Are you looking for original comfortable bridal shoes? Or do you want highly original fabric shoes that will not go unnoticed? In our online shop, you can choose from many candidates, falling in love at first sight with our elegant luxurious shoes

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