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Like in the tango, in everyday life our feet follow the motions of the steps to our lives, and shoes make the way more beautiful, telling others who we are as they seduce, attracting attention. Lenora has reinterpreted the classic tango shoe creating a comfortable, elegant, never-ordinary shoe dedicated to each and every modern, dynamic woman who loves beautiful, unique and timeless accessories.

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Heels Comfortable for Dancing, Beautiful Shoes to Wear: Discover Lenora and Their Tango Style Footwear.

The Argentinean tango is not simply a dance. It is a set of rituals consisting of enchantment, elegance and seduction. The woman is the main focus of the milonga, but it is the man who invites her to dance with his gaze and the so-called cabesseo, that slight movement of the head that is used to all effects for communication. There are no words; there are no touches, only glances, choices. And it is the tango shoe that does the talking. It is an element of incredible seduction. The shoe defines not only the identity of the female dancer, but her degree of skill, sending the challenge to the male dancer who chooses her. The world of tango shoes is a world of magic created form passion, style and sophisticated details. These are the elements have driven Lenora – initially – to revisit the Argentinean tango shoe imported from Buenos Aires and later to be dedicated to the production of dancing shoes. Over time the brand has evolved, retaining its experience in this market and developing the specific features of authentic, original Argentinean tango shoes, recreating them in footwear suitable for every day, for the feet of every woman.

From the Comfort of a Tango Shoe to the Comfort of an Everyday Shoe.

Argentinean tango shoes are extremely high-quality footwear that have well defined characteristics. These details have been retained, reinterpreted and customized by Lenora to create beautiful, elegant and comfortable shoes that you will simply love.

First, there is the toe. In the tango shoe, it is open, to be more intriguing and to guarantee better aerodynamics during the dance. Lenora has chosen a closed toe to create shoes for every season and all needs. The result is a fairly wide, comfortable, and simply perfect fit. The brand from Desenzano del Garda has preserved this traditional characteristic of the tango shoe, maintaining this feature in its every creation, offering every woman maximum comfort, step after step. The Lenora heel was also inspired by the best Argentinean tango shoes, perfectly aligned with the spine when walking. Do you want to flaunt the elegant, never ordinary, sumptuous style of the Argentinean tango shoe every day? Are you looking for the comfort of heels that are comfortable for dancing as well as for your everyday commitments? In our shop, you will find many tango shoe style models that you will just love! Discover them all and buy your favorites!

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