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The elegance of the 1950s shoe, irresistibly bon ton, encounters the character and drive of the 1960s shoe with a pinch of the eccentricity characteristic of the 1970s shoe. Lenora interprets vintage style creating irresistibly modern shoes that let you personalize any look with a touch of color and pattern. You will love them!

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A Range of Irresistible Vintage Effect Shoes.

Vintage shoes are not simple accessories; they are style details for the modern, driven woman who has experienced time and space travel, exploring trends and reinterpreting them through modern filters. A woman who walks in heels with her head held high is proud of her style, but she does not take herself too seriously. She loves to mix and match; she wears quality fashions and flaunts unique pieces, like Lenora's vintage effect shoes. Extraordinary unparalleled footwear, with the elegance and sophistication typical of the 1950s shoe, the comfort and fashionable patterns of the 1960s shoe, without neglecting the power of color from the 1970s shoe. These handcrafted accessories personalize every look, even the most formal. They are a way of being and dressing to feel you are simply yourself, at any time. Our vintage effect shoes are designed for those women who feel like they should have been born in a different era, yet who want to be on top of the latest fashions. Their irresistibly, timeless, retro style will beguile you.

Vintage Effect Shoes: Past Memories, Today’s Trends.

Vintage shoes have always been important facets in any season: with their unique style, they recall the icons of the past, allowing each and every woman who wear them to feel like a gorgeous diva from the 1950s, a young rebel from the 1960s, or a 1970s hippieVintage shoes are a must have – almost essential – for every woman who takes care of her look and follows contemporary trends. But they are also ideal for those women who have chosen the retro bon ton as their own personal style. Each era has had its shoes. Some have become cornerstones of history. These are the ones that have inspired Lenora when designing our own vintage-style, handcrafted, quality, fabric shoes. Let us start with the 1950s shoe, worn by those unforgettable divas, who even today are considered icons of style, like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and our own Sofia Loren. These were the years of high-waisted, ample, circle skirts, and also the first long, narrow tube dresses and jeans. Among the polka dots and pin-up style, the most fashionable 1950s shoe was the narrow décolleté with either open or closed toe, stiletto heels, and an ankle or instep strap. In the 1960s the shape of shoes became less understated. Heels become thicker and lower. The toes become a little rounder. Steps were taken to make footwear wider and decidedly more comfortable, designed to follow the new rhythms of women’s lives, faster and busier. Then along came the 1970s shoe, children of a period when ethnic and floral reigned. Free rein was given to colors and patterns in a happy confusion with well defined, confident style

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