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Feminine, original, driven, passionate, and beauty enthusiast: simply Lenora.

In Desenzano del Garda, in the province of Brescia, just a short distance from the lake with the same name, Lenora creates women’s shoes, interpreting femininity with original combinations of shapes, colors, and materials. Each Lenora creation is handcrafted, irresistibly exquisite and original, and holds the elegance of the classic shoe as well as the comfort and balance of a dancing shoe. That is because it is in its DNA and this is Lenora’s story.

The tango comes from far away, as does Lenora’s history.

Passion is the starting point for Lenora’s story: a passion for dance, and also for work. In 2001, Dante and Francesca began to dance the tango. Its incredible passion engulfs them from head to toe, leading them to the other side of the Atlantic in search of high-quality dancing shoes. In fact, Argentina has been the homeland of the best tanguera shoes, which were difficult to find in Italy. So Dante and Francesca started importing their first pairs of shoes, contacting the best known and largest companies and brands. The business grew quickly and the company rapidly became the largest Italian importer of Argentinean tango shoes. Their success drove them to begin their own production of these special products, with dedicated lines for stores, and even the creation of Temporary Boutiques in the larger cities of Italy, including Milan

Lenora Today:
A Feminine, Comfortable Shoe.

Over the years, Lenora has created unique special models that make women of every style and age fall in love with them. The brand has successfully evolved and abandoned the strong tanguera overtones, becoming more elegant and feminine. Lenora shoes are handcrafted with great passion. They are completely Made in Italy – in Mantua – with Italian raw materials in the skilled hands of craftsmen. Creativity, elegance, attention to detail and above all comfort are the distinctive characteristics of Lenora’s creations. Exquisitely vintage footwear that is both comfortable and versatile. Today, Lenora is an exclusive brand, successful and synonymous with style, quality, and comfort that is 100% Italian

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